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How do i find my xfinity wifi password

how do I find my password for my xfinity router/modem?
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    The password for the WIFI should be on the side of the router, unless you or someone else has changed it in the past.
  2. General guidance from the Wireless Networking section of the forums.
    How to find or change your wireless security key
  3. reddledfungus said:
    how do I find my password for my xfinity router/modem?

    I, too, use Comcast. So, did Comcast provide the router or did you?

    If Comcast provided, then silverliquicity gave you the right answer as long as the default password wasn't changed by you. If you changed the password and don't remember it, you should contact Comcast Customer Support.

    If the router is yours and you don't remember the password, you can reset the router per the link WR2 provided.

    Otherwise, discussions on how to bypass security measures are not allowed on Tom's Forums as we have no way to verify you are the legitimate owner of the network in question.

    Good luck!
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