Koolance Case HELP!!!

I don't really know where to begin, but here it goes:

Instead of boring you guys with a story of how i hate koolance now, im gonna give you little headers of what i did to the case to try to make it work:

This is the problem: Comp boots for only 2 seconds, and then somekind of failsafe mechanism shuts it down.

-checked every connection, everything's fine
-tried different power supplies
-tried both KT7-RAID and K7S5A motherboards
-tried resetting BIOS on both
-took out everything on the motherboard except cpu, still nothing
-tried using the fan i used on the other comp, and plugging the fan into the motherboard, leaving the cpu waterblock hanging in the air, still shuts down
-(the water system works when jumping the ATX, so that is fine) It's when i connect it to the motherboard and try to hook everything up, it shuts down
-tried every kind of switching possible to me..

Here is what is interesting: When i take out the cpu, then it doesn't shut down the power... so it has to do with the motherboard thinking that the cpu is being overheated.
Another thing: i hear a clicking noise when the power is shut down not on the motherboard, but on the Power Control Board...is there a jumper i have to set???
-manual is a piece of [-peep-], i had to figure most of the stuff out <---- little sidenote :)

As you can see, I am at the verge of becoming insane, I have been up for almost a day and a half now, and I am out of options: Any help would be appreciated...
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  1. Did you get this problem fixed?? Not sure if this will help you but: I just purchased a Epox 8KHA+ motherboard and I know it has some sorta PC Health thing in the bios. If the CPU fan header doesn't detect the fan running the system is shut down to protect the CPU from getting fried. Do you have a fan connected to the fan header? If not, try attaching one (I know you don't need it with the water cooler), but see if that help! If you have already fixed this problem, please reply and tell us how you fixed it (I have thought about a water cooler sometimes:) Thanks..
  2. I think you have to try the last suspect, the cpu.
    Try it in a working system if you can.
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