To buy or to upgrade

hi, i am looknig to make a decision regarding buying a new pc altogether or upgrading my current one.
my specs are(bought late 2008):
Cpu: Intel E6750
Gpu: Gefore 8800 GT 512
MB: Asus p5k
and 2 GB Ram DDR2

both cpu and gpu are already oc'ed
the reason i need the new build \ upgrade is for gaming at 1920 x1200

i thought about buying a radeon 7850,
would that improve my gaming performance significantly?

i wanted to state that my mobo only supports pcie 1.1 if that matters
i want to play stuff like BF3 on max and so on

also, the rule of thumb is that the higher the resolution you want to play at, the more GPU dependent you are (so if my case, its a good idea to upgrade?)
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  1. 8800 GT? that thing is old
    Better off with a new PC.
  2. i know its old, thats why i thought of replacing it with a 7850
    the question i have for the forum experts is that i wont create a huge cpu bottleneck with the E6750
  3. Yes, you will notice a substantial upgrade in graphics, but BF3 on max will take a CPU upgrade. Look at some of the GPU and CPU review, BF3 is one of the most common tests.

    Yes, the higher the resolution the better graphics card is needed, but that's a small piece in the larger story

    So yeah, it 's a good idea to upgrade, you see a big improvement right away, and another improvement when you upgrade the rest of your system

    edit: the PCI-E 1.1 is a minor issue compared to the others, and will be resolved when you upgrade you cpu since you will need a better motherboard which will come with 2.0 or 3.0 (virtually equal at this point)
  4. Just make sure to upgrade the RAM to at least 4 GB.
    2 GB is too low even tablets and smartphones are catching up.
  5. thanks abbadon,
    when i finally buy a new pc i want to keep my current one running for other purposes,
    so my options are:
    Option A: buy a graphics card right now, and in 2-3 years buy a whole new computer.
    Option B: buy a whole new computer right now.

    i wont upgrade the other parts one by one like you implied.
    the question is what is the most cost efficient way of action?
  6. 2-3 years is too long, do it all at once, thus Option B
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