Silent PC case (5 5.25 bays) or (3 5.25 & 2 3.24)

Hi all.

I’m looking for a new silent case for my main workstation with a price tag not to exceed $150US
My PC has 2 DVD drives and 1 5.25 enclosure that hold 2 SSDs.

I’d like either 2 more 5.25” bays (to hold a 3 bay 3.25” hot swap chassis) or 2 hot swappable 3.25” front accessible slots already provided.

Most everything I’ve found falls shorts on the # of front accessible bays or meets that but has USB2 ports. I want at least 2 USB3 ports on the front/top.

Thanks for having a look!

PS cooling shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I5-25K with a honker heatsink and good quiet fan
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  1. look at the fractal define R4. only 2 optical drives bays which is just enough and there is lots of hard drive space that you can occupy. also has very good build quality and silence
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    I've used them before for Servers and they do indeed make a nice quiet product but I'm looking for more front accessible bays. I don't want to open the case to change hard drives, insert one for test or add one. Hence I'm going to use something like:


    thats in addition to my 2 DVD drives
  3. I think I found what I’ve been looking for

    $65 on Amazon. That’s a lot less than I was prepared to spend and seems to have eyerything I was looking for.

    I’ll post back after I get the case and build it out with a review.
  4. good luck. i would trust a european manfacturer over a no name any day

    what is the point of the enclosures when regular drive cages work the same?
  5. I don't want to open the case just to change a drive which is something I do frequently for forensic repair. The front of this computer is accessible but the getting inside it is a PITA.

    Fractal is one of the first companies I checked with but only 2 5.25 in bays was a deal killer.
  6. they realized that most people dont use more than 1 optical drive or hotswaps. 90% of the people dont so yeah

    good luck then
  7. Oh,

    Nexus is not a no name. They make all those cases for Iphones, Android as well as computer cases and are based in The Netherlands
  8. first time i ever even heard of it. but ok.
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