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I live in an apartment and i'm trying to connect my xbox360 to the internet. I'm upstairs, my modem and router are downstairs. I'd prefer not to have to get a wireless adaptor for my xbox, but if that's the only way, i'll settle with that.

We have Comporium internet. I can get cable if I hook a cable box up to the coax port in the wall upstairs. I have been looking at coax to ethernet adaptors, hoping I could go from the coax in the wall, to the adaptor, right into the back of the xbox. Is this possible?

I would think it's a feasible idea, but I think there may be some sort of authentication (in the case of tv, a cable box) to connect to Comporium.

Thanks for any/all replies!
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  1. You cannot connect the coax cable from your ISP or cable box directly into the xbox.

    Your xbox must be connected into the router. This can be done by putting in ethernet cable or buying the xbox wireless adaptor.

    Your setup should be coax>modem>router>xbox
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