Pcie xepress 3.0 meaning and effect??

i want to know about pcie 3.0 effect and meaning,it does any effect on external graphics card(GTX 550ti),or have any good performance?
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  1. You will not see a tangible different between PCI-E 2.0 and 3.0 with GTX 550s.
    The difference in performance isn't noticeable.

    PCIe 3.0's 8 GT/s bit rate effectively delivers double PCIe 2.0 bandwidth. It also has some other improvements but that is probably the biggest change.
  2. one more thing is that i found that gtx 550ti ZOTAC,have PCIe 1.0 and 2.0 ,then should i buy mobo which having pcie 3.0 tech.?and i choosed i5 3550 3 gen.
    i am in big confusion that which pc i should buy
  3. If your planning on upgrading, if your going to spend the money yeah go for a mobo that supports the latest stuff so you wont waste money upgrading again.
    Go for LGA 1155 Z77 chipset with the cpu you chose. Its always good having the option for future upgrades.
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