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Hi All,

I've got an older HP 30" display and am looking to upgrade from my SLi GTX480's and wanted to know what would be the best option to be able to run games at full settings. I'd rather get away with a single card if I can but happy to use SLI\Xfire.
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  1. Size of the monitor has nothing to do with performance only resolution.
    That aside you have a lot of options, what is your budget?
  2. I'd be happy to pay up to a pair of GTX680's. I'm in Oz so dollars don't match so hopefully that gives you an idea to work with.

    I'm also open to ATI cards but have been on nVidia since my 7800GTX (before that I had a Radeon 9700, those were the days).
  3. With that kind of money I would go for 7970 instead simply because higher memory interface and more memory, basically making the 7970 future proof. 7970 will have much more performance when playing games with MSAA on. And the 3gb memory will make it ideal if you want to run at higher resolutions than 1920x1080.

    On the second graph you can see the huge difference in memory bandwidth, while the other specs are neck and neck.
  5. Thanks, I'd rather a single card these days, and it seems things are getting more than enough to run 2560x1600 without the need for multicards.
  6. With the GTX 680 you also get extras that the 7970 can't match, like PhysX, Adaptive Vsync, Geforce Experience, Ambient Occlusion, Turbo Boost, FXAA, TXAA. Just looking at the relative performance doesn't give a full picture.

    The gtx 680 will run better on some games just like any comparable cards, but like I said before it just depends on what you need. Looking at other specs the GTX670 will give you a lot more back for your buck its $100 less than a 680 for me and is only like 10% slower and can be overclocked to match and possibly surpass the 680.

    Heres a good thread comparing the two
  7. Just gonna put it out there, IF you do think about going dual gtx 680's, then maybe try looking at a gtx 690? Just food for thought. It'll use less power than 2 gtx 680's. Having said that, I'm gonna assume you would not have to buy a new PSU anyways since you were running dual gtx 480's which use up more power than gtx 680's.

    Otherwise, I would go for the Radeon 7970 for a single card solution with its 3gb memory interface. gtx 680 if you wanna pay that ~$50 more for all the extra goodies. Not gonna lie, both are great cards.
  8. I'm surprised you need new graphics cards. I have Sli GTX480s on a 2560 x 1440 monitor and there hasn't been a game it hasn't maxed out.
  9. I'm starting to notice the lack of GPU horse power in some of the latest games like Shogun Total War and Skyrim. Also my cards aren't the youngest and I get the occasional "grpahics driver stopped responsding) so think they are getting to their end of life.

    So I guess I'm after a card(s) that can see me out for another few years if possible until they start to feel the pinch
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