Problem with fans

After i bought new motherboard my Cases and Power supply(Aux) fans always run al about 700 rpm..
This causes my pc to owerheat freeze and reboot time to time..
CPU fan is working well though.
I have P7P55 LX motherboard.
Software like SpeedFan cant control these fans, but it still display the speed..

I took first screen when im doing nothing and the second when im playing a game..

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  1. Yep, I agree with your statement about the need to control your fans. Looking at the screen shot the temp that really causes a problem is Core 0 and 1.

    A couple of suggestions. In BIOS for most asus boards there is a section for simple control of fans. Yours might same something like q-profile-check the manual. Asus also includes a utility (AI suite)(fan Xpert) that give you some more control.

    89C is way too hot for a CPU. I suspect one of the fasteners is not secure, or the thermal compounds is goofed up

    SO, from what I see,

    remove your CPU fan, clean all thermal compound off, re apply thermal compound and make sure all four fasteners an securely holding the fan down.
  2. I gone to BIOS, 1st i set CPU fan control to turbo. I stil not able to control cases fan, in bios it displays 700rpm and no way to adjust it.
    Nead power fan speed box there is [N/A]
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