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A friend of mine is looking to play Tribes Ascend but unfortunately her graphics card doesn't support shader 3.0. She has a Dell XPS 410 with the intel p965 express chipset and ati radeon x700 card. I'm getting slightly confused as to which kind of pci slot she has. The dell support page says PCI 32-bit (PCI Specification 2.2)
PCI Express x1, x4, and x16 (PCI express 1.1a)

What's the cheapest card she could get that would fit in her computer and have shader 3.0 support? Would any of the radeon 3xxx or 4xxx cards fit? Thanks. And yes her computer is a piece of crap and she'll be getting a new one soon. This is just temporary. :p
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  1. those should do the trick yes. though id advise at least mid range of those generations
  2. She should get a card that she could reuse in the new rig, so she doesn't spend her money twice. What kind of new computer was she thinking about? I could choose an appropriate card for it.
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