GTX 465 Overheating Issue? I feel like I can cook an egg on it!

Hi, I just joined Tom's Hardware to present this issue to you guys and see what you guys can come up with, though I have lurked here time to time to read reviews and check up on other great things.

My Issue:
I received a GTX 465 1GB from a friend about a year ago, it was in great condition and the reason he was selling it was because he was buying a more higher end card, the 570 GTX. I installed and ran great, no issues at all. I could run BF3 at high settings with minor hiccups and on ultra with more occurring hiccups, but satisfyingly playable.

Skip ahead to about last month, (Today is September 14, 2012) the card started suffering major overheating; the grill on the back was REALLY REALLY hot, hotter than I feel like it should be. Eventually, the card would start crashing my computer. Hardcrashes actually; my computer would completely shut off in an instant, no warning, sometimes a beeping sound coming from my headset. I would feel the grill and it would be scorching hot. I would remove the case side panel and feel the card and I felt like I could use it to warm up a cup of water (which of course is not safe). I went from high-end games to a mid-range game League of Legends, and upon fully connecting the game would crash my computer.

I know this isn't normal, so could it be my PSU? I read around that a PSU could be the issue. I have a 500w PSU and its worked fine for a long time. Or is it the card itself? Would changing the heat-paste by opening it up work? And if that is issue and the heat-paste replaced, how long would that last? Or is the card simply failing after a while, as other things should? What really is up with it?

I know this isn't a problem with my other hardware because I replaced my GTX 465 with my older 450 GTS and my computer works fine, but it can't suck up to the 465 GTX and if the problem is simply my GTX 465 dying, I will move on to a 550 GTX Ti.


My computer specs (Minus the GTX465)
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  1. Hi.

    An other one who can "feel" with his skin that the temp is too high :pfff:

    Do you have actual temps from the gpu ?

    If not download a oc program like msi afterburner or evga precision and report back please.
  2. You could try changing the TIM (Heatpaste :) ) firstly.
    And also try to have the case more well ventilated.... keep a watch out for temps using a software like GPUz or something else. Secondly
    And lastly you can (if possible) try the same card in another rig and see if it still touches the same temps and crashes.
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