Mini-HDMI to DVI adapter?

I wanted to try out the sound from my GTX 460 video card. The card has two DVI and one mini-hdmi port and my monitor only supports DVI and VGA. I've looked everywhere but can't find a mini-hdmi to DVI adapter. I've seen every other kind of adapter but not this one for some strange reason.

Can I get around this by using a mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter and then plugging that into a hdmi to dvi adapter? Would the sound still work through two adapters?

Or will the sound quality from the video card be equal or worse than my onboard Realtek ALC898 and I should just buy a regular sound card?
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  1. Umm I may sound silly but doesn't DVI not support sound? Also, you have two DVI slots, it it's pretty useless to use adapters. Lastly, how do you suppose you'll hear the sound? Does your monitor have speakers?
  2. Yes my monitor has speakers. The card has a mini-hdmi port. So sound from the video card won't work unless both ends are using hdmi?
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    both ends have to use some form of hdmi to get sound to the monitor. if now, you will have to use a seperate speaker system
  4. ok I guess that ends that question. thanks.
  5. What is your monitor model? It seems bizarre that it has no HDMI inputs but has speakers.
  6. It's a Viewsonic VX2250. The audio uses the RCA type cables. I don't know why I thought I could use an adapter to get around the hdmi issue. I should have just done a quick search. It's not a big deal though because it looks like the speakers on my monitor are pretty awful anyways. Thanks guys.
  7. No problem :).
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