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I would like to hear your opionions on the next pc specs, im thinking about buying this pc and i would like it to perform well under most of the latest games, like battlefield 3..

1) CPU Intel Core i5 3470 - Ram 8Gb DDr3 - HD 1Tb - NVIDIA GeForce GT620 2Gb


2) CPU Intel Core i7-2600 (3.40Ghz) - Ram 8Gb DDr3 - HD 2Tb - NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 (2Gb DDr3 dedicated) Purevideo HD technology.

I know that the cpu is good on both of them but im not sure about the graphics card.

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  1. That video card isn't for gaming and it will not give you good results at all. I would suggest getting an i3 and a 7850 or 7770.
  2. Would you be willing to build yourself? Also, what is your budget for this system?
  3. meh problem is i don t want to build it myself and im going for about 700 800 euro
  4. look for systems with a better GPU. The GPU is far more important than the CPU for gaming purposes. An i7 2600 + gt 630 will be blown away many times over by an i3 3220 + hd 7850
  5. any nvidia good cards because i can t find any prebuilt pc s with radeon in my country
  6. look for cards such as gtx560 or gtx550ti or gtx650ti
  7. so everything after the gtx560?
  8. yeah basically. If you find some systems post them and I will have a look.
  9. amd radeon hd 7450 any good is the only build i can find with a radeon card
  10. only thing is that it has a AMD a6 or AMD a8 cpu
  11. That isnt a really powerful card at all. You want to stay 7770+
  12. what website are you using?
  13. an italian website for prebuilt pc s, italians arent very good at building pc s :(
  14. i found an i7 with radeon hd 7770 but i think 1300 euros are a bit too much
  15. Thats VERY overpriced. I would suggest you build your own.
  16. Building a PC is very simple and there are many helpful guides on the internet. I would suggest you build one. You will get way more for your money.
  17. i refuse to build any pc s since the last time i placed a ram the wrong way and burned the motherboard hehe..
  18. i ll just monday in the city and try to look for a radeon hd 7770+ build or a nvidida gtx 560+
  19. Well, unfortunately you are going to end up not getting much for your money buying and of the prebuilts you have listed. Also, forget an i7. There is no gaming difference at all between an i5 and an i7. Its just a waste of money.
  20. intel hd graphics cards any good?
  21. Just remember a gaming system is all about the graphics card. An i3 will cream an i7 any day when paired with a better GPU
  22. You mean like hd 4000? Those are integrated and won't play games. The most they will do is watch HD youtube videos or play simple online flash games
  23. You really want to stay gtx560/hd7770 or better
  24. AMD RadeonTM HD6550 + 6470 Dual Graphics ?
  25. not very preferable. Won't bet better than a single 7770
  26. ill just have to go in the city and search for a good one i cant find *** on the internet
  27. That is a crap video card. It will not play games on good settings. Take a look at these benchmarks. gt640 compared to a 7770. (7770 is only mid range card. It will play games on medium/ some high settings)
  28. this would be the one but why the *** so overpriced

  29. Any prebuilt is going to be very overpriced.
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