Views on this gaming build?

I've become out of touch with computer technology lately and it's time for a new build.

My budget is £1000 but of course, if there's room for reduction then don't mind me. This PC will be primarily for gaming with internet surfing the next main aspect.

After some research, familiarising myself with new additions to the hardware world I brought these components together:

Are all components compatible?
What are your opinions on Windows 8? I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet.
What's the difference with a Gigabyte motherboard having UD3/UD3H etc?
Would you recommend any additions/subtractions/considerations?

Thank you very much.
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  1. For a new gaming rig, I believe that benchmarks consistently show Intel now outperforming AMD at any price point. Overclocking an AMD rig can in some cases bring it to near-parity, but it will use a lot more power, and generate a lot more heat (hence fan noise).
    If you are partial to AMD, at the very least you should get a decent air cooler like a Xigmatek Gaia (I have them in both of my rigs). Otherwise, your parts are all compatible, and will build a nice machine.
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