Need help for a gaming computer, vibox?

I am about to upgrade my computer as this old computer has some serious lagg when Im playing games and watching videos etc

I know a few things about computers but i need help. I generally want to buy a quiet gaming computer that has zero lagg and able to support other features such as recording, music and more for everyday use.

so I have found this company called 'vibox'. i understand that i basically need a good Quad core CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAM, and hard drive to run things without any lag. So i am now a little confused for example they have some computers with CPU: AMD fx 4170 4.4ghz at say around £360 then i find another computer with CPU: intel i7 3770k 3.5ghz for like £560 with basically same extra features yet has lower ghz :S (both 16gb ram, 2tb hardrives, both Quad core)



if the i7 is better can it really be worth the extra £200?. and by how much better I would rather spend £300 but its possible i will spend upto £550. also should i be considering six core?

Also maybe these 2 options dont have the best spec for the money , so could someone tell me what would be the best spec for gaming and everyday lightning speed computing for around that price range.

mainly for MMORPG's
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  1. Neither of those computers have a proper gaming graphics card.

    i7s are no better than i5s for gaming. i5s are better than FX, but in this situation, the i7 system has no discrete graphics and although it still sucks, the Radeon 6670 of the AMD system is enough to tip the scales in its favor.
  2. You don't really need 16 GB ram, unless you're planning on running heavy 3D applications. 8GB ram is enough.
    Regarding cpu, for the purposes you listed, any i5-3xxx(ivy bridge) will be enough, because i7 will not bring you benefits in gaming comparing with i5.
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