7970 not working with PC

Hey Folks,

Just need some advice here as I am abit stuck. I have this gaming PC, specs are:

Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3
800w PSU
8GB Ram

Sorry I can’t be more specific about the CPU but I forgot what model it was.

Anyway, every time I put in the 7970 I just get a black screen? It used to have a 580 but that got messed up while it was on transport. Issue is, lower 5000 series gives an image but not with a 7970?

The card is working, tested it on 2 other rigs. So, what do you think it could be? The 7970 powers up but I just don’t get an image?

I was thinking it could be the PSU or mobo but I don’t get why the 5800 works?
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  1. 580 is an nvidia gpu, the 7970 is radeon. Have you downloaded CCC and the ati drivers?
  2. Did you remove the old drivers with something like driversweeper or a clean install ?

    And what did you use before ; a gtx580 or a HD5000 series ?
  3. Clean install, it doesn't even go into the BIOS.
  4. I used the 580 before but I did wipe the PC and installed the ati drivers.
  5. Does the PC boot (do you see HDD activity from loading the OS or hear any sound?)

    If not, is your 800W PSU a good one, could be it's not working properly under a high load.

    If you transported the computer, it may be worth trying the secondary pcie slot to see if there maybe damage to the other one.
  6. Did you plug your monitor into the 7870 or did you plug it into the motherboard? Did you plug in both 6 pin pci-e power cables from the psu to the video card?

    What 800w psu do you have?

    I mean seriously if you don't even know what cpu you have, and you don't know how to find out, you probably shouldn't be working on computers at all. Just sayin.
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