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660ti clock speed

I just got in the Gigabyte 660ti card (GV-N66TOC-2GD). After installing the drivers and the Nvidia System Tools I noticed that it reported that the core clock speed was 705Mhz. The core clock for this card should be 1032Mhz. I can over clock it to that, but shouldn't it be 1032Mhz from the factory? Is there some sort of down clocking going on if the card is idle?

A little background on this card in case it's relevant. I noticed after installing it that its fan wasn't spinning. I thought maybe it would kick on once it needed to, but after sitting idle a full day and a run of 3DMark 11 and it still not coming on, I figured there was an issue. I took it out and noticed that the fan connecter on the card's board was not fulling plugged in. After I plugged it in fully, the fan cuts on.
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    regarding the fan maybe they got sloppy during the cooler being assembled. btw what is your exact clock when running graphic intensive program like furmark?

    when not in use or no gpu intensive program being run on the computer the card will surely downclock itself. its part of power saving feature of the card and to keep the gpu core cool when not in use.
  2. Thanks, I'll test the clock under load when I get a chance. I had to reinstall my PC for some unrelated issues. What is the best software to view the clock speed real time? I've just been looking at the nvidia control panel under the performance menu.
  3. don't know if it realible or not, but have been using gpu-z or msi afterburner to watch the clock... (Gpu-z my first choise).
  4. MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision X. Both are essentially the same(made by Unwinder the maker of RivaTuner), and support on screen display while in games. Though you have to enable monitoring for the Core Clocks or whatever they are calling it this week.

    Just put a check next to the ones you want displayed. And select down towards the bottom "Show in On-Screen Display" for each one you want on screen.

    It will give you this + or - the things you want monitored.
  5. Just a quick update, GPU-Z shows that it fluctuates from 324 to 550 to 940 at idle and opening up applications and it goes up to around 1084 while running furmark. (Looks like it runs a little over the standard clock because of that "Boost" feature" Thanks for the help! I just need the right tools to see what was going on.
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