Computer turns on for about 5 seconds, then restarts

Hi Guys,
I have a 5 month old home built computer.
It has an EVGA 480,MSI G45 Z77 MB, intel i5-3570k rosewill 750W PSU, OCZ 120GB SSD, SG 1TB HDD, 8GB low volt ram and a hyper 212+ HSF. It's inside of a cougar evolution Fulltower case. Yesterday, i heard weird noises in my computer, so i immediately turned it off and made sure there were no wires caught in the fans. When i restarted it, the computer would turn on for about 5 seconds, power down and restart its self again. I tried turning it on with no RAM, it does it. No SATA devices, it still does it. The one time i got it to turn on, it was without the video card. When i turned it on it said your current overclock has failed, and sent me into the BIOS. i was able to boot into windows afterwards. i restarted the computer, and it did the same restart loop afterwards. i have not been able to get back into windows since, and anything i do reproduces the same error. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!
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  1. Try resetting the bios with the power supply unplugged. Easiest way is to pop out the round board battery for about one minute, then reinstall. Then at the post screen, press an "f" key listed to enter the bios and set the boot order and smartfan settings, save and exit. If the problem persists, then you may have a faulty ram stick or power supply.
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