Dual DVI Monitors - one won't come out of power-save mode...

My gear - this is a new setup:

Dell XPS 8300-1225NBK

Dual Dell E2210H Monitors - DVI cabling to my video card:

EVGA - GeForce GT 640 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card

One of the monitors (secondary) won't come our of power save mode. Can occassionally get it working by cycling power but this is very frustrating. Both monitors work fine in single mode.

I've read cutting pin 16 (hot plug detect) from the DVI cables will fix this?

Does anyone know of a real fix to this problem? I'm still scouring the internet and am frustrated beyond belief.

Thanks - Glen
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  1. Leave the cable alone. Does swapping the monitors around "move" the problem? Just trying to isolate where the problem might be. Also, are you using the latest drivers from Nvidia?
  2. Did you change the input source in the OSD of the monitor from "auto" to "DVI"? That might help.
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