Crysis 2 Max Settings Requirements

I was wondering if my new computer would max crysis 2
I have: nVidia Geforce GTX560 OC 2GB AMD FX-6100 6-Core 3,3 Ghz (Turbo 3,9) and 8 GB Ram PLEASE HELP MEEE!
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  1. what is your resolution? crysis 2 with dx11 enabled is very taxing on the gpu lol
  2. No, I'm sorry, but you wont even be close to maxing it on Ultra with a 560. A single 670(generally) can max it 60fps@1080.

    You should probably look into Med/High Settings.
  3. Maybe max out at 1280x720 maybe not honnestly
  4. My GTX 560 Ti @ 1920x1080 on max settings gets around 25 fps. So yea, you will not be able to max it out.
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