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I need to upgrade my graphics card to play video games better. Please tell me what is compatible with my Gateway PC. I have all the technical information on the computer, but am unsure what is available that will work with my motherboard. I have an Itel pentium 4 processor and motherboard. I have an AGP connector on my board for the card slot, and SDRAM 168 pin memory cards. The chipset is Nvidia model i845, and the motherboard is an Intel model D845HV; Bios# HV84510A. I want to run the fastest card I can buy for this board, and I also realize that I will need to get a larger power supply too. Let me know if you need any other information. Thank you for your time.
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  1. better off save the money for a new pc.
  2. Yep, sorry, but you arent going to get too far with a P4 with AGP. If you absolutley must, then you might still be able to find a Radeon 4670 AGP, but it will be pricey.
  3. Maybe throw in $24, get this and save for a better system ; ( the 4670 is way better though, but . . . waisted money )
  4. I would just start saving for a new computer. Computers like yours are actually quite useful for media center PC's though.
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