Newbie needs help with new system specs!

I'm needing to upgrade my system at my work because of the need to start using Camtasia and Premiere Pro CS6 (as well as other CS6 elements). I'm not a computer expert and the machine listed below is going to be set up for me next week. I have a few questions that I would grealtly appreciate any feedback on:

Do you think in general my new system specs are sufficient for basic audio/video editing of SD and some HD material?
Can I expect a significant increase in video playback quality as well as a reduction in video render times while operating in Camtasia and Premiere Pro?
Is my power supply going to be sufficient for the specs listed below and if not what is the danger of not upgrading that?
If there is something/anything else I should upgrade what would it be?

I work for a retail tile distrubtor with about 130 employees. The training videos I create are mostly simple screen capture and basic videos that don't require a TON of high-end editing. I will be using lots of High Resolution jpegs and basic SD video footage captured from a Canon GL2 camcorder (Mini DV tapes). We will eventually upgrade the camera but that's what I'll be using now.

The previous computer I had suffered with very choppy video playback and pretty long video render times so I convinced my boss and IT Manager an upgraded system was needed that had a faster processer, a better video card and more RAM. My old system I've been using this year and the new one being set up next week is listed below.

Thanks a TON for any feedback anyone feels inclined to provide!


New system:

HP Compaq Elite 8300
Win 7 64-bit operating system
i7-3770 processor
3.4 GHz
8 MB Cache
4 Cores
Quadro 2000D Graphics Card (62 watt max power draw)
12 GB RAM (4 GB statndard, added two more 4 GB cards)
1 TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive
Intel Q77 Express Chipset
320 Watt Power Supply (stock)

Old system:

HP Compaq 4000 Pro (small form factor)
Win 7 64-bit operating system
Pentium Dual Core E6600 processor
3.06 GHz
? MB Cache
2 Cores
NVIDIA NVS 300 Graphics Card
8 GB RAM (4 GB statndard, added one more 4 GB card)
457 GB hard drive
? Chipset
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  1. The new system is massively more powerful and , I think , very close to the sweet spot for the kind of work you are doing

    But what does it cost , and can you assemble a computer your self? Thats likely to give you better value
  2. Agreed with above.
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