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Hello, I'm wondering about what Graphics Card to buy. First of all, let me say, that in my country, prices are a lot more expensive that in the U.S.
That being said, I've narrowed down a couple of options, and I wanted to ask you, which one you think would be more convenient for me to get.
My choices are the following:

XFX Radeon 7850 = $365
XFX Radeon 7870 = $538 (yeah, I know, stupidly expensive)
MSI GeForce 670 = $669 (God...)

I can't find any GeForce 660, and I really don't want to buy any weaker Graphics Card (my current one is a Sapphire Radeon 4870 1GB).
Yeah yeah, those prices are stupidly expensive, I know, but believe or not, those are practically the cheapest I can get here.
I was thinking that, considering the price-performance ratio, the best choice would be the 670. The 7870 is the one that I REALLY want, but I find it to be just too expensive for its performance. What do you guys think?
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  1. Argentina
  2. why don´t you try and buy it from amazon and get a dealer to deliver it to your country?

    I mean you can find a hd 7870 for less than 300 and i don´t think that you will pay 200 dollars to deliver it i usually do that, i´m from dominican republic and everything here cost as much as twice than the USA
  3. Problem is that if I buy from Newegg (which I've thought of doing), customs is going to charge me at the very least, 50% of the package's worth, and with the delivery fee, it would end up costing more.
  4. Mind you, here, you get what you can. There's no choice. I can't say "I want the XFX, or the Sapphire". If they only have the XFX, you have to settle for it, unfortunately.
  5. really?? because here is not that much, but you did the calculation or that is just a guess?

    is it is like that then go for the gtx 670.
  6. get the 7850
  7. Yeah, unfortunately, here my customs charge you 50% of any package worth more than 25 dollars. Sometimes you MIGHT get lucky and it may go through, but when it comes to electronics, it's almost impossible.
    That's why, buying from Amazon or any other site, would be a rather risky proposal.
    Anyway, I got an overall idea, I might take a chance, or just go for the 670. Thanks
  8. maybe you could get from ebay and tell the one who sells it to mark it as a gift? Could it work this way?
  9. good idea xstavros, at least try something before you spend that much money
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