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Hi. I recently built a new computer with an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard and Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 GPU running Windows 8. Up until yesterday I hadn't used the HDMI port and only had run audio from the front or back panel out to my speakers or headphones with no problems. Today I ran the HDMI cable to my TV which worked fine but no matter what I do (disabling HDMI, updating driver, etc.) I can't seem to get any audio out of my speakers or headphones. I'm stuck and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
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  1. Goto control panel / sound and play a music file. The moving bars will tell you which playback device is set as the standard device at the moment. I bet it's the hdmi. Set the onboard audio (named speakers or Realtek) as standard and the apeakers will work. For some reason windows can only handle one playback device at a time.
  2. Thanks. I disabled the HDMI and just the Realtek Digital Output has the moving bars as if it's playing but there's nothing coming out. The speakers option is there but claims that nothing is plugged in which I know is incorrect. Any other ideas?
  3. I had this problem yesterday after buying a HD monitor, changed settings as per above still no sound,rebooted still no sound so turned it off then on sound is now working,might help.
  4. Realtek Digital Output is the SPDIF output. If you have speakers connected (and they are connected to the right plug), set them as standard.
  5. So maybe that's part of the problem. The 'Realtek Digital Output' is active but I have the speakers plugged into the lime green 3.5 mm jack, which is what I want, yet the 'Speakers' option says that they are "not plugged in"
  6. So somehow the speakers are not recognized by the onboard sound. Did you try the front plug already?
  7. noidea_77 said:
    So somehow the speakers are not recognized by the onboard sound. Did you try the front plug already?

    Correct. The first thing I ever did audio wise on this machine was use the front plug which worked fine for days. Then I tried the back plug which also worked fine but once I added the HDMI cable out to the equation both the front & back plugs gave me nothing.
  8. This is still a problem for me as I can only get audio out through HDMI. I'm open to any/all suggestions.
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