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Cpu and graphics bottlenecking question

so a friend of mine just upgraded his entire pc and parted out his old one and offered me his xfx 9800gx2 for 30 dollars.since i was running a gts 250 and didnt have a board dat could do sli i said ,why not,i mean almost double the perormance for a measely 30 dollars.on his pc runing with a qx9450@3.5ghz playing at 1680x1050 on call of duty world at war max settings he would get 50-80 fps,when i installed it on mine with the new drivers running same settings and resolution on a 1055t@3.7ghz it would never drop from 100fps sometimes id get 101 or 102 so im getting thats the limit on this question is,was his cpu bottlenecking this card,or is is that i was using newer drivers? and does this prove that old top of the line dx10 cards are still strong for games when paired with a modern processor even if it means that they run hotter and use more power but cost a fraction of what they used to?
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  1. Sorry, what was the question ? Euh, yes.
  2. Well... since most games use 3-4 cores your CPU couldn't possibly affect the performance so much.The difference probably comes from the drivers.And yes DX10 cards are still very fast.A GTX 295 is as fast as a GTX 570 which is a pretty good card.
  3. Well, if you are asking if your card is good...then yes. Its probably just newer architecture though. The 1055T is newer than a Core2Quad.
  4. im just asking if im gettoing more fps because of newer drivers,or because i have a phenom x6 which is newer architechture then core 2 quads?
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    Probably both.
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