Total noob question about a stock intel heatsink

So I am trying to install the heatsink on my i5 3470 and I am following the directions: place the heatsink over the processor and line up the holes, press on opposing corners and then turn the knobs a quarter turn.

After doing this I heard the snap and the heatsink won't come off and the spreaders on the back of the motherboard are split BUT when I press on any one corner of the heatsink the entire unit will shift and move and I can do this on all 4 corners.

It's been a long time since I built a computer and the last time everything was really solid and wouldn't budge unless a lot of force was applied so this seems really wrong. Did I just really mess something up? Can it be fixed?

Edit: I watched a video and saw how easy it is to remove the heatsink and tried to reseat it a second and third time. The last time things are held down better but there is still some minor wobble or play when I press on the corners independently.
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  1. I turn the board over and check the pin position. If all four pins are equal in length sticking out, then the heatsink is flush. Secret is to press all four corners at the same time with the knobs in the correct position.
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