Black Friday Laptop Buy?

Hi everyone,

I have been scouring the web for the past week looking at all of the ad scans coming out. I am looking for a laptop with a lot of flexibility (gaming, multimedia, etc...), that will last me awhile, and has some of the newest hardware (SSD, Blu-ray-drive, and i5+ processor).

My main concern is that I have read that for high-power laptops like the specifications I listed I may be better off searching for deals throughout the year rather than shopping on Black Friday.

I am also concerned that these technologies (SSD, Blu-ray, and Ivy Bridge microarchitecture) haven't been fulling adopted into the consumer market yet. It seems like these technologies are kind of sparse and if they are offered with systems they seem over-priced.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Oh yeah, the only laptop I have been able to find (non-black friday) that interests me is a Dell Inspiron 15r SE.
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  1. Seems we are the same boat.. I've been looking for a Desktop for black friday.. i don't know what to get anymore.. SSD is like i don't trust it fully
  2. So... Whats the question?

    Build your own desktop, prebuilt machines are horrible.
    SSD's are completely trustworthy, less likely to fail than a mechanical Hard Drive.
  3. Is buying a laptop with those specifications worth it from a cost perspective...? I also feel like those technologies will be better adopted soon, but I am unsure of how long soon is. For the most part I just wanted to hear what people thought...
  4. Really depends on the laptop in question and whether you need/want the performance it can offer.
    You could always go the aftermarket route and put in your own SSD to a laptop. Any 2.5" SSD will slot right onto a laptop, then you have a spare 2.5"" laying around.
  5. Sorry I didn't phrase it right. Is buying a laptop with those specifications worth it from a cost perspective on black friday? I am unsure whether the deals on high-end laptops are that good on BF.

    If I buy a laptop without an SSD can I fit an SSD into any laptop? How do I know?

  6. Not sure, laptops are not my specialty and your talking to an Australian, no Black Friday here.

    You will have to read reviews on the particular laptop to see if the HDD can be removed or not, but if you can, any 2.5" SSD should slot right in.
  7. Alright thanks
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