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Hello, I just recently put together a computer for the first time, and I've run into an issue. The computer works, but the power button does not. I have to turn on the computer from a power button located on the motherboard itself, and when I try pressing the power button it does not come on/shut off. It's like the button itself is not connected. Can anyone help me?
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  1. You did attach the correct case wires to the MB pinouts?

    Grab a multimeter, set it to read resistance. Unplug the 2 wires for the case switch from the MB and test the continuity (completeness of the circuit). When you press the button does the meter go to 0 ohms? If it does not then the case switch is bad. Head to a PC parts shop for a new switch (quick method) or get a new swithch from the case manufacturer.
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