ASUS vs Sapphire(hd7770)

In my country Sapphire radeon hd7770 non OC(core clock1000 and memory clock 4500) is like 175-180$ and the ASUS hd7770 directCU v2(non TOP)(core clock 1020 and memory clock 4600) is 195-200$
Why is better ASUS except a little OC better cooling nad 1 extra year warranty? :??:
(sorry for my bad english)
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  1. It costs more because of the cooling solution used by the Asus. Performance differences are negligible. You can get the less expensive Sapphire and overclock it yourself.

    Both are good GPUs. Good luck!
  2. ahh i forgot to say that i am not gonna OC
  3. Still the difference will not be noticeable. I would save the money and use the Sapphire. I have several Sapphire GPUs and I have been very happy with them all.
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