AMD and Nvidia installation on Win7

Is it possible to plug in a Nvidia card and keep the AMD cards in also? If so, any special instructions, tips?
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  1. Why do you want to do this? Please explain.
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    You can have both cards under Windows 7 without problems. Each control panel will function and in many cases you can change the desktop resolution of the other card from each others control panel as well.

    I too wonder why?
  3. I have two AMD cards in now, each with four displays. I want to add another 4 and already have a Nvidea Quatro which only takes up a single PCIe slot ( since I only have one slot left). I could buy a AMD but the single slot cards with 4 outputs are expensive so I figured I would use what I have.
  4. If its just for more displays(I assume trading PC? or some kind of retail display?) and not gaming, go for it :)

    Make sure you have the needed power and you will be good to go.
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