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GTX 660 or 7870

Hey guys I sold my GTX 580's trying to save power. with that in mind what Video should I get? I am going mid range this time around as I find no point in going high end anymore due to the power draw and I only play games like Crysis and Star wars the old republic and both perform great on mid end cards. Which card is the best?
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  1. Of the 2 listed, the 660 will be the stronger of the 2 and the more expensive. What is your budget?
  2. I am taking about the GTX 660 non ti. Newegg has the 7870 at 249 and the 660 non ti at 229. which is better and why? I really like that new vsync sounds pretty cool but I dont like that no free Boarderlands 2 lol. the 7870 comes with sleeping dogs but I hear the drivers suck and no new vsync.
  3. 7870 is the way to go. Sleeping Dogs works pretty well on AMD cards, and the V-Sync, in my opinion, isn't that great of a feature.
  4. Also, AMD has improved their drivers a lot.
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    7870 will have better performance at high settings like with MSAA turned on, because of it higher memory interface. 660 will have better performance on some games just like the 7870 will run better on other games. They will be really close thought and the 7870 usually overclocks a bit better and can almost have performance close a 7950.

    Its up to personal preference and what your main uses will be.
  6. bigcyco1 said:

    AHH you beat me to it, lol yeah if your getting a 7870 get that one for sure its the one I have, it has really nice overclocking features and top of the line components.
  7. Both are great cards, no real difference.
  8. ok so the 7870 is the way to go. I know this is going to sound dumb but will my 980x at stock 3.3ghz bottleneck that card? I was watching NCIX tech tips and Linus was using a 3930k and said that the frames per second was somehow cpu limited and I know the 3930k smokes my 989x so I am a bit confused.
  9. I had the idea in my head that even though aged the 980x was still overkill for most gpu's even in sli or crossfire as I never had an issue with my 580's sli but then again I am a noob.
  10. Cpu can limit/bottleneck a gpu but, I think Linus is just being extreme the fps limiting hes probably talking about is not even noticeable.

    And in your case your CPU should be perfectly fine.
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  12. Ok thanks guys. I just placed my order for that MSI card you two suggested. I can't wait to toss out my Back up GTX 295 that I am using it is showing its age hardcore, it might still give decent benchmarks but in Crysis the game is crap total crap 30fps max XD.
  13. typos I mean the card performs crap no Crysis lol. Oh yeah if anyone wants my GTX 295 I honestly dont mind giving it away for free. email me at

    I hope saying that isnt breaking any rules. I just have no use for the card once my 7870 comes in and no one will buy it so might as well give it away.
  14. Check this Tom's review and decide from there. The answer is "it depends".,3297.html
  15. Lol great now I am confused again still have time to cancel. Myabe if I get a bigger pool of answers...
  16. Look at the review and then at the games you will play. Performance is actually pretty darn similar so both are good choices. I would also offer that cost should be a factor since performance is so similar.

    There is no wrong answer here. BTW, I am an AMD fanboy and I originally recommended the Nvidia. Still do.
  17. Hmm It seems there is a small difference but a lower over all tdp with the 660. this one is tricky save $20 and get a lower tdp spend a bit more and get a free game. well I canceled my order I am going to have to think this out some more, however I think the AMD option looks best so far.
  18. Replaced order, 7870 was still the way to go thanks for the info though.
  19. tool1523 said:
    Hmm It seems there is a small difference but a lower over all tdp with the 660. this one is tricky save $20 and get a lower tdp spend a bit more and get a free game. well I canceled my order I am going to have to think this out some more, however I think the AMD option looks best so far.

    Look at the 1920x1080 bar graph and look at the 8x MSAA that's where AMDs memory bandwidth shines the most, but nvidia has its pluses to. Main one probably being Physx.,3297-18.html
  20. You already choose a best answer but I thought it was worth mentioning AMD is doing price drops in a week or two you should be able to get a 7950 for $300.
  21. oh sheesh the rebate for one of the 7950's brings it down to 279... now this is a real pickle. Question do I need that kinda power for Crysis 1 & 2 and Star wars The Old Republic? I really wanna lower my tdp and still have good FPS in the games I play at Med to high settings. I consider good anything above 40fps.
  22. You probably don't need anything more than a 7870, and even if you did later on you could get another one and Crossfire.

    Still up to you, that 7950 was tempting for me too.... real tempting XD
  23. Whoa one of the Power Color 7950 cards is $263 XD but it's out of stock lol dang it.
  24. hey broski, i'm in a similar pickle. I'm about to do my first pc build. I've been using my dell xps laptop to run swtor since launch. It's been rough but i've gotten used to it. Now it's to the point where I can barely hold my own, and I play a Scrapper... So i'm ordering monday morning finally. Getting i5-3570k, seasonic 650 or 750 psu, 8gb of ripjaws x or corsair vengeance, a 120gb Samsung ssd, corsair 500 or 600 series case, msi gd-65 or asus p8z77-v board.

    I really wanted to get the 660ti when it dropped a few weeks ago, but then I had to wait for my paycheck to come in to cover everything;) Now I don't know which card to get. The 670 is definitely expensive considering i'll mainly be running swtor. The 660 non-ti card is VERY good for the money but I hear it won't hold up so well for overclocking. I figured I would go with an asus, msi, or evga OC 660 and be good to go. But... a lot of people are saying these radeon cards are much better for the money + have a larger memory bus. So now i'm reconsidering. If I can find an asus, msi, or evga 7950 for a really good price monday morning.. i'll prolly get one.
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