Hybrid xfire ??!!

ok, so im new (ish....about a year) to pc's and have recently built my current rig (in sig) so when i was buying parts i ended up getting the asus m5a78l-mlx v2 mo bo over an 970 extreme 3 as i was told by the shop i could get a hybrid xfire with the intergrated graphics and the 6670 gddr3 i brought at the same time, so i got them waited a bit for a cpu then built it, and i cannot for the life of me work out how to do this can any one nudge me in the right direction plz?
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  1. It probably wont give you more performance in games if that's what you are aiming for. It will save power more than anything.
  2. well deemo13,
    thanx for the reply pal, no improvement?
    well thats just bad advice on the part of the vendor i got it from,
    as i was going to get an extreme 3 mo bo and was talked out of it (at a £26 saving no less!) and into the asus mobo for this 1 single feature....
    spongecake!(family forum!)
    its not really a gamer, i do game-
    mainly dolphin,
    im really wanting to speed up my transcoding as i do a lot and its heavy work so punting it to my gpu (or DUAL gpu as it was supposed to be) is appealing but if it wont fly- it wont fly, i suppose, do you ( or anyone reading) know of a good transcoing app that can utilise my 6670 ddr3 for such tasks well?
    thank you
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