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Hi, My name is Tyler.

Recently, i bought a Linksys E2000 router. When i went to set it up, i noticed that the old router has a phone line connected to it. When i looked at my E2000, I noticed that it didn't have a phone port in it (Rj11). Not sure what to do. Would it be possible to buy a Rj11 to Rj45 converter and just use that to connect the phone line to my router?
Thanks for your time.
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  1. there is no converter since the old router has a build-in DSL modem.

    you have two options either buy a DSL modem (for compatibility contact your ISP before purchasing) or use the old router and connect the Linksys as an AP (Access Point)

    if you decide to go with the second option, here is aome info that should help

    you can have both wireless active or disable the wireless on the old router.
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