How should I upgrade my 4y/o custom build?

In 2008 I built my own desktop. Four years later, the only thing I have upgraded is the video card, and the system is really starting to show its age. When I have a few programs running (generally chrome with a bunch of tabs, word, PP, matlab, etc) everything really slows down.

My specs:
core 2 duo e8400 (OC to 3.6ghz)
4gb DDR2 ram
ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX mobo
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1 GB
WD 500gb 7200rpm hd
cooler master hyper 212+
windows 7 64bit

At first I figured I could replace the mobo and add 16gb of ddr3 ram, but then I realized my old cpu wouldnt fit in the new socket. Is there any way I could get more speed out of it, or is it time for a new one?

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  1. time to build new system
  2. New one, trying to upgrade it will result in an entirely new rig anyway.

    The components I would keep would be the 212+, the HDD as a secondary storage drive and the case (if its any good).
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    I agree, it is time for a new build.

    If you wanted, adding 4gb of ram would help your current performance while multitasking.
    But, DDR2 ram is relatively expensive.

    From a cpu point of view, the E8400 at stock has a passmark# of 2199. More with your oc.

    A modern $220 3570K quad will be 7151 running at 3.4 stock. An oc of 4.3 is easy.
    A $320 3770K with hyperthreading at stock is 9623, and again a OC of 4.3 is reasonable.

    A Z77 based motherboard will be $150.

    DDR3 ram is very cheap $70 for 16gb.

    A real boost to your performance would be a SSD. a 120gb ssd will be <$1 per gb.
    Use your old HDD for storage and backup.
  4. Really the only thing worth upgrading now is the CPU. Upgrading anything else will just result in a completely new build. You can buy a decent Motherboard/CPU/RAM bundle for around $250, and still use the rest of your parts. An SSD might be a good idea too, because HDD's begin failing after about five years.
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