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I need some advice. I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce 210 in my system, but some games like Dead Island run like poo. I thought that maybe I could upgrade the video card and get some better performance, but I'm not really sure which one to get. As I understand it you want to pair your video card based on your processor and motherboard's performance otherwise if you buy too good of one it could be bottlenecked by other components in the system. Any advice on what would be the best graphics card to upgrade this system for descent games?

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 LE-1660
Memory: 4 gb PC2-6400
Motherboard: M61PME-S2P
Power Supply: Not sure on the power supply though.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. That is a pretty slow processor. What games are you trying to run?
  2. Right now i'm trying to run Dead Island, ,maybe guild wars 2 in the future, and left 4 dead would be nice. There's a few others like Saints Row 3 that would be nice to run.
  3. No way that CPU will run those games at decent settings. It's single-core.
  4. What would be a good processor+video card upgrade then to play those games (and maybe some future games), or should i just look into getting a new system?
  5. Well, is this a prebuilt, custom built, or did you build it yourself? You could build one to run those games for a pretty cheap price of you don't need Windows or a monitor (about $400-$500).
  6. For those games, you can get a cheap Celeron G530 and a motherboard with RAM for like $100. What power supply do you have in there now?
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