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Hi all.
I am looking into wireless routers and want to stream movies. My question to the Toms Hardware World is............
Which is the best router for that application, my computer is hardwired and the router will be for movies and printing and thats it. My distance is 2 walls and as crow fly's 6 feet i walk is about 15 feet. Any help on this matter would be great.....Thanks all............
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    Hard to say without knowing if you intend to stream locally (one machine to another), or from the Internet , or both. I use Netflix w/ a basic wireless G router and it works just fine. But of course, Netflix limits the quality of those streams much more than you would typically do so locally, machine to machine. Wireless N is almost a requirement if you intend to stream uncompressed, 1080p. Streaming can also be affected by other users/devices on the same network. In that case, QoS (Quality of Service) features may prove important.

    So before making any purchase decision (including whether your current equipment is up to the task), consider all the ways you use your network, now and in the future.
  2. System is very up to date so to speak, i am a gamer so i have quality video, 4 Core Processor, 4 Gig ram basicly all the goodies.....Just want to pull to the TV set.......
    Well got's to go to work ....Thanks for your help.......
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  4. Thanks Guys
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