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Not sure where to put this so I'll put it here. Can't find a forum ANYWHERE for this kind of thing (on tomshardware).
friend i recently built a comp for has an NZXT case thats white with red trim. the R.A.T. 7 is his current mouse choice, because there's a version of it that's themed white with red trim, but as for a keyboard... Can't find a good one with a good red backlight. I was looking at the MS sidewinder 4x or whatever, but I don't think it's mechanical, and he's willing to pay 50 to 100$ for a good red backlit keyboard. we know that a red and white keyboard is unlikely and wouldn't even look that great, but we need something with a red backlight for less than 100. If only the blackwidow had a red backlight... </3 xD
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  1. Hehe, I'm sitting here with my Thermaltake Challenger Pro that has a red backlight. Its not mechanical unfortunately.

    A mechanical option would be a Ducky Shine. You can get them with pretty much anyway key switch and backlight colour you could want. Though it does cost a fair bit.
  2. hmmm.. ones too cheap and the other too expensive :o anny other options? it doesn't even HAVE to be backlit, as long is it has some red in it (the blackwidow isn't an option because the glowing blue razer emblem)
  3. The Corsair K60 is a pretty good mechanical board that you can swap some of the keys out with red ones. Not back-lit though.
    Corsair K60. $100
    Even red down to the switch.
  4. I'd just like to say I AM SOLD on the r.a.t. 7. I know it has bad reviwes, but.. It's the only white/red mouse I could find WITH A PINKY REST AAGGHH. my pinky finger on my right hands bends inward really weirdly, so whenever I'm using a small/normal mouse my pinky always either rubs against my mousepad weirdly or slides undeneath my mouse! can't wait to test out the pinky rest on it. I know the R.A.T. 7 has bad reviews but so far me and 2 other friends are lovin' it.
  5. I don't like that keyboard. it looks aweful in MY opinion, and so far me and both of my computer savvy friends have really similar taste, so i'd say that's a no. worst comes to worse I'll just suggest the black widow and see what we can do to cover up the razer light.
  6. Well, I'm out of options then.
    Maybe get a non-red keyboard and spray the keys red yourself? Though I suspect that if you aren't a touch typist (can use a keyboard without looking), this would bring up some problems.
  7. I currently have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard...It's very good, Never had any problems with it...

    Though I'm looking to change to a Saitek Eclipse II..It comes in white and has changeable backlight. It's not mechanical though.
  8. AGH. I guess I'll just recommend the black widow and have the light filmed over red somehow. I can type without looking really fast, but I prefer being able to glance down to reassure myself. also, I prefer typing on chiclet keys and gaming on mechanical keys. and once again, this keyboard isn't for me. already have the blackwidow :p
  9. If it really bothers you, you could get busy with a hand solder and a drill to replace the blue LED's with red ones. Though needless to say the warranty will be voided so don't screw up :lol:.
  10. It's not that big of a deal. I can always just glu a red film plastic over it. :p
  11. WSAD keyboards.

    It'll be about $20 over your limit, but you can do whatever you want with it... check it out.

    The other option is buying a normal mechanical keyboard and a set of keycaps / a few custom keycaps.

    I have a Leopold with MX Browns, white WSAD and arrow keys. If you added a red escape key, it'd fit the theme and look bitching.
  12. Looks like absolute poop though :p
  13. GreedFusion said:
    Looks like absolute poop though :p

    Then find a keyboard you like. Were just showing you what you asked for.
  14. xD thanks for that also. Even if you search "Red backlit keyboard" on newegg there's like 2 options :/ I'll just recommend the black widow unless something else pops out at me.
  15. Well one thing you could do is put these on for your keys. Will add a bit of red to your keyboard.
  16. Will definately do that to my black widow. lovely, thanks.
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