Dual Monitors: GeForce GT 520 failing with TV monitor?

So I have a Coby TFT LCD, 22" TV and a 24" Hannspree HD Monitor. The monitor is connected to my Desktop (specs here
Intel i7 2600 3.4 Ghz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Mobo: Gateway DX4860, Graphics appear as: SL231DPB, and GeForce GT 520 (Saphire/PCPartner)
via a DVI port that's directly on the GPU on the back of the desktop. Right next to it is a VGA port, and when I try to connect the VGA port to my TV port, it connects, and reads it, but then the primary monitor starts blinking, flashing, and neither output (not on the TV or desktop) appears. After waiting a couple minutes, I would either get a blue screen on my desktop, or I'd unplug the VGA cable. If I unplug the cable, the desktop returns back to normal saying "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode driver, version 301.42 stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Anybody have any clue on how I can fix this? I know this GPU can support dual monitors.
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  1. I've also included a small video detailing exactly what happens.

  2. Contact the warranty. The card is faulty.
  3. Does it come with a warranty? I didn't buy one for it when I bought the computer from the store.
  4. These cards usually come with 2 or 3 year warranty. You should read the manual for more info though :P.
  5. Got it! However if you don't mind me asking, how do you know it's faulty? You know, so I have something to say when I'm on the phone with support.
  6. Well, the card crashes as soon as you connect second monitor. Driver would not cause that, not such flickers. Almost looks like it short circuits when second monitor is connected.
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