Which 7870???

Im looking for a 7870, but what one will be best (please give reasons because it is always helpful)? Im running dual monitors and this will have to support both. Im looking at these cards.




All will be about the same price since i need to buy an adapter for dual monitors on all the cards except the XFX 7870.

Extra info...(Each monitor is 1600x900 btw) one monitor will be playing the games and the other will be for other stuff like stats, youtube, skype, etc while gaming.
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  1. Gigabyte
  2. Any particular reason?
  3. MSI, their Hawk cards tend to be overbuilt and have great components on the inside. That cap on the back PCB actually hides extra power phases, which leads to more consistent voltages, so better overclocking.

    Plus it looks awesome :lol:
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