The computer freezes during games and movies.

n68c-s ucc motherboard
Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 3.01 GHz
4 gb of ram
gt520 silent graphics card

I think it's the graphics card, but I don't know enough about it to know for sure.
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  1. The CPU is a bit old. It's from ~2006/2007.
  2. Your whole system is 100% outdated. No surprises there. Time for a new build. Still, why are films freezing? What are the films? 1080p HP @ L4.1?
  3. I have a similar system. How hot are your components getting?
  4. Yes, the system is woefully outdated and is destined to be a nice planter and a cool mobile. But for the present I'm stuck with it.
    The system as stated doesn't like any format and freezes with games, streaming video, and video from the hard-drive
    I thought it might be running hot, but I work it pretty hard.
    I took out the graphics card so now it's slow but stable in the games and the video streams and plays with out a problem.
    What is it about the card, if the cards the problem, that makes it a problem?
  5. OK. So, almost stable.
    I sooooo need to know more!
  6. Download MSI Afterburner and monitor the temperatures of the graphics card. Your GT520 does not have a fan and might be heating up
  7. The card came with something like that. As far as I could tell it was running within spec.
    Anyhow, I've taken the card out and the computer seems to be running smoothly; though I do expect the CPU to burn out any moment now being that it is the only bit of it that isn't straight-out-of-the-box.
    Is there any reason why the graphics card might not like the other equipment?
    I really miss that gig on the card.
  8. The maximum temperature for the card is 215.something degrees Fahrenheit. According to the "Smart Doctor"(Dumb Name) It hasn't gone much over 100f.
  9. So I reinstalled the graphics card. Just after booting the temperature was 100f so I fired up Civ V and 30 seconds into the game the machine froze. I booted back up and the Smart Doctor read 104f. I fired up Civ V again and played for two hours without a hitch. When I shut the game down the temperature was reading at 140f.
    Once the card cooled to 104f again I went to 1Channel and streamed a movie. Thirty minutes into it the computer spontaneously rebooted.
    I'm thinking there is a problem somewhere.
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