Ati 5850 Tearing and blackscreen

Hi i have been searching the internet like crazy the last few days to try sort my computer and wtf is going with it... I build a new rig about 2 years ago and its been fine until the last few months but now its unbearable.

Every time i load my computer i constantly get screen flicking and my monitor going wild with graphics flashing and pixels all over the place followed by black screen to completely crashed forcing me to hold the power button in and try again...

Now a few months ago i had this while playing games on medium settings as i been turning them down the more and more its been happening but back then it would black screen and crash i could reset and it would be fine for a hours but now i feel to just smash it up. -.-

My rig Windows 7 - 64bit
Ram - 4gig DDR 3 Colsair
CPU - AMD Phenom x4 840 3.20 ghz
GPU - XFX ATI 5850
PSU - 700W not sure on the make but was not cheap
Mobo - Asrock M3A770DE

I have tried a lot of things some have even been a temporary solution but always comes back but worse. I have had my whole computer apart and cleaned in around fans and got rid of most dust with cotton buds, re thermal paste the CPU and GPU. Rebooted my computer in 32 bit and 64 bit to see if it was drivers, Reinstalled the ATI drivers over and over, Updated my BIOS and tried loads more. =/

If any one has any other solutions to fix this i would really appreciate it as i ave tried *** loads and still nothing works.

Thanks karl.

Ps: dunno if this helps or not but my Temps are 36* and i even tried under clocking by 50 on the both clocks.
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  1. first could you test your graphic card on another system or get another card for test that will permit to see if your monitor and the cable for video is good
  2. I don't have a another card to try or really know any one with a decent gaming computer i was thinking about just buying a new graphic card but i don't want to be wasting money if its not really the problem.

    But you mention my monitor? could this also be a cause? because lately i have been getting no signal while my computer is on i have to keep unplugging and replugging before my screen kicks in its not a real PC monitor its a 1080p HDTV which i got from Curry's when i build my rig. but its never caused me problems until the last few months.

    Also don't have another monitor or screen to test it with. =/
  3. could you connect the video pc output to a tv pc input
  4. tried and still the same problem i even got a new HDMI cable today to try and nothing tested a old DVI cable and feels like its worse.
  5. then it look like this xfx 5850 is defective ask for rma if you could
  6. i did that i sent emails to XFX when it first stared they told me they would give me £60 towards a new card if i traded it in... and that was like 3 months ago... i told them i would rather burn the card on a fire... i payed £250 when it first came out. -.-

    I will just save up and buy a Nvadia card this time i think seems like a lot of people had issues with all these new ATI cards any recommendation on a new card would be much appreciated though. :)
  7. i am using a ati for 3 years now it a asus card but someone who use the nvidia one could give you advice
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