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Which 7870 is better?

I was originally going to get the his 7870 with the iceq cooler, but no that that one is out of stock I saw that the asus 2-slot 7870 is on sale for $230. I was planning on doing a decent amount of overclocking, but nothing to substantial. Which one has better cooling. this asus one.
or this HIS one.
It seems like the HIS one has better cooling but I don't know if it is worth waiting that long to get it. So which one is better?
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    Between the 2 the asus one IMO, or if you want the best 7870 for $240 get the MSI HAWK

    Hawk is OCED 100mhz past reference and can easily get up to 1300 XD
  2. I'd just get the Asus now. AR it's $210 and it's in stock now. I doubt that the HIS cooler is really better than the Asus, not that I'm accusing it of being bad. Also, like snipersam15 said, the HAWK is the best 7870.
  3. HIS is better!
  4. Gigabyte has the best cooling and a great overclock, 1100mhz.

    Stay away from XFX if you are going to overclock. They get really hot.
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