Blank screen on start up

Recently, after leaving my pc off for a long period of time, hours or overnight, it starts with a blank screen. I can get the monitor to display video after turning the monitor off and on a several times. Otherwise it's fine.

Graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5450. 2yrs old
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  1. could you connect another monitor to you system for the graphic output test this one could be defective
  2. I don't have another monitor. I'm pretty sure the one I have works. It just seems like it's not detceted at boot. I think...
  3. do you have another cable or video card your try so we could made shure your monitor is ok ,monitor receive video signal but if it wont start when you put power on it could be defective
  4. it does start, it has a switch that is always in the on position. this switch turns blue when it has power and active. the switch turns yellow when it has power but screen blanker has reached the blanking time . when i turn on the power strip the cpu and monitor are connected to, giving both power, the switch turns blue then yellow. like it's idle.
    i would try your suggestion but don't have the parts.
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    if it turn blue then it work the yellow light means it does not receive video signal from the graphic card on the computer try to check the video card or borrow one fro m a friend even if it is a old one
  6. good idea, but why does the monitor eventualy recive a signal from the graphics card? i'm looking at it now and all day.
  7. usualy the powerstrip is always on we strat the computer first with the case switch and the monitor second with is own switch that permit to the system to load the os did you try that this way to see if your monitor will blink yellow or start blue
  8. took your advicve, ordered new card.
  9. also check if this 5450 is under warranty you could try a rma
  10. no, just over 2yrs old.
  11. what was the name of the maker and did you remember the date you bought it
  12. dell, 06/2010
    bought this
    GIGABYTE GV-R545-1GI Radeon HD 5450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Video Card

    to replace this ATI Radeon HD 5450
  13. but the card with the problem is an ATI
  14. it is a ati card but who is the maker
  15. AMD, since I didn't buy it retail, no RMA.
  16. the gigabyte is what i ordered
  17. good choice if you need more help when the new card will be in comeback
  18. will do. tnx
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