Recommend a gpu upgrade for me

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current graphics card to something a bit better, my price range is 100-200ish.






Running windows 7 64-bit home edition.

Was thinking about getting but did not know if it would be worth it due to bottlenecking. Would like to run most curent games on high+ settings at 1080.
Any advice on this?
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  1. Depending on the games that you play and in what configurations, that CPU might be a bottle-neck, but at least generally, it should be fine so long as you don't play games that are too CPU-bottle-necked. A Radeon 7850 is a great card to buy, but the faster Radeon 7870 can now usually be had for about the same price, so the 7870 is the better purchase.

    After the MIR, this 7870 is only about $4 more expensive than your 7850 chocie, but it'd be about 30-40% faster.
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