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I have been shopping over a year and cannot decide. I want a new card as mine is a little old and ruffing it and want to keep it while its working for a good back up. I do not want to spend over 100$ to be honest but release at 120-130 if i could grab 560ti it would be a steal. i game at 1680x1050 i am not an enthusiast just want a card that will play games very smoothly for 4 ot 5 years. I know that in 4 or 5 years settings will be at the very minimal but thats fine. The rest of my system is good i am willing to buy used or open box even refurbished i am leaning a little towards nvidia its what i always used and the physx is nice for a couple games i play. I WILL NOT SLI OR CROSS just need one card been looking at 560,460,6850 type of cards. Any reccomendations or advice greatly appreciated. Also any good places to look for used cars wont find any local live in rural area thanks.
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    A Radeon 7770 with a good factory overclock or a stock Radeon 7850 would probably be your best options, depending on how much you want to pay.
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