Need to replace my Radeon 5970

After suddenly going out then coming back a few times my Radeon 5970 decided to die. After reading a couple of threads it seems like owning the 5970 was like having SLI'd cards in a tiny bundle. I need to find something comparable.

Right now I'm as soon as Asrock gets me my new bios chip, I'll be running 3570 I5 on a 22" monitor at 1680X1050 as the max resolution. Mostly I'm playing Starcraft 2, WoW, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars the Old Republic. Not sure what my FPS was in anything but WoW and depending on the place I was pulling anywhere from 70-120FPS and want to get as close to that as possible.

My budget is probably going to be max 400 for a new card. Just not sure now what to get since I do have a smaller budget for a video card this time. I know the 1000 build on this website got a gtx670, which is what I am looking at right now. But is it really that much better than the new 660 Ti that came? I'm just not sure what to look at anymore. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. At that resolution a GTX 560ti would be perfectly fine, heck even the 5970 would be overkill.
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    The biggest competitor with the 670 will be the 7950 and the 660ti, The 670 is faster than the 2 but pretty close, if you want to save a few bucks get a 660ti or 7950. It also depends on what game you plan on playing in the future and other computer uses. If you plan to play a lot of games that utilize physx such as Borderlands 2 go for the 600 series if you like the extra effects nvidia brings.

    A GTX560ti will be able to run almost any game really well considering your resolution. But im assuming you plan on upgrading to a full HD monitor eventually. So if you want to have a more future proof card go for the ones I suggested.
  3. Wait till next week AMD is set to drop prices, then compare.
  4. I say 7970 and overclock it and you will get better than 680 performance.
  5. Your looking at a 7850 or better for this. If your looking at Nvidia I would suggest the GTX670 since anything below suffers heavily when you turn on MSAA beyond 4x.

    However if your looking at future proofing as much as possible then run with either a 7950 or the GTX670.

    The AMD 7950 will deliver better performance the more you turn up the graphics vs the GTX670 but they will reach the fps your looking for.
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  7. After looking everything over...decided this time to jump back into it with NVidia. Got the gtx 670 off of Newegg. They had a 10percent coupon plus free Borderlands game. Thank you for all the help and suggestions.
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