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Hello Everyone,

I would like to all Windows 7 experts for help.
I have just bought a key from this store:

But for some reason i thing that may be MSDN Key not retail.
I would like to know he following things:
1.Is there a way to find out if this key is retail,OEM or MSDN?
2.In case that this key gets blocked from Microsoft,will i be notified by Microsoft?\
3.In case my key gets blocked will i still beable to get updates and will my Microsoft Genuine logo will be still on my PC?
4.Is Microsoft will deactivate my licence?and i need to buy new one?
I have just realise that the seller site is not that genuine,but i have already bought the key,so i think i learn my lesson.
I just hope that the key they have provided me with is Genuine not some used key which will be blocked .
Please anyone who can give me some information on my questions to let me know.

Thank to all of you.
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  1. Hi :)

    We are not allowed to answer questions here about ILLEGAL KEYS !

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yes we are Brett just not give them out or help someone find them. And OP if it Activates Genuine then no it will not ever get deactivated. But the key will stop working so if you have to reload your PC you will not be able to use the key again. No one here will condone the use of Hacked keys so I suggest going and getting a legit one. I mean you had to know 30 bucks for Win7 Ult was not legit...


    PS Someone should kill his link...
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    Call Microsoft, find out if the key is valid, you'll get your answer.
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