New computer just built, wont boot up at all

I just recently built my computer and it wasn't exactly smooth sailing and now I have ended up here because the computer will not start up at ALL. At first I thought it was the psu and it was DOA (never trust diablotek) and replaced it with a functioning psu and it still wont boot up and now I don't know what to do :(
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  1. what do you mean exactly by "wasn't exactly smooth sailing"?
    did you install motherboard standoffs?
    Did you try interchanging your ram to test for bad sticks?
    Do you know that ALL of your parts are working?
  2. 1. Yes I did install the standoffs corresponding to the holes on the motherboard
    2.I only have one and I did try booting it up without it but to no avail
    3. My psu didn't work as it would turn on and then turn right off so I had to get a new one which worked but like I said it still wont boot up and everything else works
  3. try rewiring everything. also, have you tested your mobo to make sure it works? if you press the power button and nothing happens it seems like either the mobo or the psu would cause that.
  4. I have spent 5 hours rewiring and reinstalling everything. Also I am sorta new to this so I'm not exactly sure how to test a mobo.
  5. plug in a speaker to the mobo and find the pins you need to short out to turn it on/find the on board power button and press it/short it. (google can help here) and if it's working it should beep. if not your mobo might be dead.
    I think.
    what are your specs?
  6. Ps Specs are...
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-D23
    Cpu: Amd fx 6100 6 core processor
    Gpu: Nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti 1 gb
    Ram: Crucial 4gb 1 stick of ram
    Psu: Dynex 520 watt atx power supply
    Hard Drive: 500 sata blue western digital caviar blue
    Case: Cooler master 430 mid tower
  7. give me a link to your mobo?
  8. hmmm.. lemme read up, i'll edit this post with my response in a min.
  9. i've got nothin. Can anybody else pitch in with some info? I've never really dealt with gigabyte really. your build looks nice though, if you get it working it should be great ^.^
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    Its rare that a MB arrives completely DOA. how are you turning the computer on? Make sure all power connections from the PSU are tight, and the PSU is switched "ON" if your MB has a power button it it use that if not recheck the jumpers leading to the case on/off switch
  11. i'm illegally bumping this because this guy deserves some freakin help :o
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