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Until now I have used the CISCO vpn software under win XP which allows me to use the RSA SecureID pin. I have just bought a pc with Win V7 64bit and want to find an equiv piece of s/w - free, if poss - only used to sign on to the coy network and do a remote desktop to my work pc.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Are you really happy to use a service which can have access to your important and confidential company data being examined, either in your machine or in transit, and for that service to be given free of charge? I would question their motives and business plan before I did so.

    Free is wonderful - I'm a great supporter of the GNU community - but I draw the line at using a VPN service that doesn't charge me. That's why I stick with LogMeIn.

    Some things are better paid for.

  2. Hi there, thx for the rapid response. Yes, free is good. I was thinking straight away of a well known internet security package. I agree with you that the connection I am making should be secure - my assumption was that a VPN was, by definition, secure because it is encrypted.
    I may be wrong - if so, a 1-liner would suffice rather than a lecture :-).

    I have not heard of LogMeIn but I shall now investigate it. I presume it supports login with the RSA SecureID?

  3. Sorry - didn't mean to lecture. :D I don't personally use a RSA SecureID for LogMeIn
    but it is definitely available.

  4. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Overt adverts aren't usuually welcome at Tom's so your post might be deleted. Actually, your advert was doing quite well with me - despite being more expensive than I pay LogMeIn - right down to the bit that says Romania!

    That country wouldn't normally find itself in a list of the largest and most respected countries in the virtual and real worlds and its presence makes me want to steer clear of your product.
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