I have product key for windows 7 starter and want to put windows

i have windows starter and i have product key on my net book, and hard is broken and i bought another one and want to reboot how can i install windows back?
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  1. Do you have an External CD/DVD drive? I am assuming your netbook has no internal DVD drive. If not you will need to buy/beg/barrow one to load it with. Also question 2 do you have a copy/DVD of Windows 7 Starter? or is it an OEM version that is on the bad hard drive? If you have the DVD boot off the dvd by hitting whatever key your computer says gives you the drive boot options and select cd/dvd after that it is easy. If you do not have a copy you will have to procure one somehow // :/ then do the above...

  2. i have flash , how can i get windows to put my product key there?
  3. i have not the disc , but i want to get windows starter to put it key there?
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  5. You need a physical copy of Windows to install to your hard drive.
  6. ok thank you
  7. Or if you copied the disk to a flash drive you could install it from USB.

    Go there to get a program to convert the disc to a flashdrive.
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