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Hey everyone.

Ok, I am looking to build a gaming rig but I don't want to spend too much.
I am not a hardcore gamer but I do like good graphics.
I am looking at these builds.

I3 build:
•I3 2120
•corsair 1600mhz 4GB RAM
•HD 7770 sapphire oc edition
•XFX 550w pro 80+
•B75 mobo

Phenom build:
•phenom ii x4 965 black edition
•good mobo
•4gb corsair 1333 mhz ram
•hd 7770 sapphire oc edition
•xfx 550w pro 80+

Which one will be better ? The i3 is cheaper than the phenom build
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  2. I don't really know how the i3 became cheaper than the Phenom, but yeah it's a better CPU.
  3. Yes, the i3 is cheaper and the i3 motherboard to , and its a better mobo thant the AM3+ mobo

    So does this meen i3 is ok, and what psu do I need for the i3 system, if I can save , I would
  4. The XFX 550w should be more than enough.
  5. Ok thanks ...
    But will this setup be good for gaming (ps. Not an enthusiast)
  6. It's a good system.
    Depending on your monitor resolution, you may only have medium settings on some games.
  7. Ok thank you
  8. Okay , this might sound stupid but is medium settings better than xbox or ps3 graphics?
    I have never played pc games before
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